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  1. Fr00tball | Tim Maggs
    Fr00tball | Tim Maggs at |

    […] took place. Some people spoke and it was all very interesting. I’ll quite happily leave it to others to flesh out the details of the events that day because I was not concentrating, my mind racing at […]

  2. Kthnxbai 2012, oh HAI 2013!
    Kthnxbai 2012, oh HAI 2013! at |

    […] January: An excellent techno night in Birmingham […]

  3. #NACONF and such a nice guy
    #NACONF and such a nice guy at |

    […] in Nottingham for the New Adventures in Web Design Conference 2013. last year was amazing (blog post). I’ve got a workshop booked in tomorrow and the conference proper the day […]

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