New Year 2020.

I’ve had the same semi-joke resolution for around the last 8 years – so far, un fulfilled. I’d like to drive a tractor. Preferebly a big monster of a tractor with loads of equipment fore and aft.

Another resolution is to give up smoking in 8 years from now. My strategy for this is quite simple. 3 years ago, I gave up smoking for all of January. Two years ago, I gave up for two months, last year, three months and this year, I’ve set myself the target of 4 months giving uppedness. Next year, my intention is to do 5 months – etc. etc. In around 8 years, I should have given up entirely.

I also want to keep on bloggin’. DragonDrop is 10 years old this year. Time and location based reportage, comment and interaction with the fine burghers of the internet. I’ve blogged at least once a month (up to several times an hour) over this 10 year period. I’ve bolted on a few other things since then – twitter, social networking, foursquare, etc. but the essence of what I’m doing is still the same. The difference is that (thanks to social networking, facebook, et al) the rest of the world has joined me in my quest to fill the internet.

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