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Blog owners will know that occasionally, you get spammed. The basic premise is that if a site has link in to it, it makes it seem better in the eyes of the almighty google, therefore increases its ranking in search results.

Some people write scripts to post comments on blog posts – that have a link in them – with the hope that people will publish the comment (I ‘police’ all my comments after a bout of childish, silly abuse a few years ago). Often these comments are oddly written – I can’t figure out if it’s absolute genius or utter drivel. I guess the premise is that the comments have to ‘fit in’ with an article to get approved by the owner – but in reality, they are often written by robots and have no real context to the article.

This one is poetry. It’s art. It’s drivel.  It means nothing. It means anything. It means everything. See what you think;

Some of the info on this write-up are perfect but had everyone wondering, did they will really result in? A little something I’ve got obtained say is your publishing expertise are certainly good and will clearly visit for virtually any fresh text you get, you may possibly have got a new admirer. I saved their site for private reference.

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