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Pleased to report that is again fully operational after its server completely died. It’s now been moved to a new server and restored from backups. Thanks to my ace cousin who stayed up most of a whole night to get it sorted. I’ve still not got all my email back but that’s on its way.

It was quite scary. It was something like loosing a beloved pet. Thank goodness for server side backups. I’ve since set about a double back up system by employing a neat wordpress plug-in that automatically backs everything up, including the database, to a dropbox folder. Hopefully, I’ll not need it ever again.

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  1. evil
    evil at |

    Mail is now back too cus…
    See your sms 😀

  2. Matt Watson
    Matt Watson at |

    Cheers cus – instructions worked fine 🙂 all mail is now available (277 messages, mostly spam!) thanks again for fixerizing. So very glad you kept backups! 😀

  3. Darkus
    Darkus at |

    Sorry, you lost me at wordpress plug-in. Hi Haaaaaaas!

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