Left to my own devices..

Well – I’ve got an Elsie dog to keep me company, but Eirene and the kids have gone to Dublin for the week. Party out in the sticks was the main event of my weekend. A lovely bash with food n dogs n kids n bands n DJs. Made sure I still liked going to the pub on a Sunday afternoon  (check) and worked from home yesterday, thanks to my logistical mismanagement that rendered me with 0/3 vehicles to transport me.

Loving this weather. Hope it holds out for a bit. Just been for a lovely walk round The Stray with Elsie dog and pinged her a bunch of tennis balls to chase. There are many ways to launch a tennis ball we’ve discovered. Of course, there’s throwing it – good chance to practice a bit of bowling. There’s the lob, the chuck, the pitch and kick. The wanger (or dog ball thrower) is great but I’ve found a tennis racket is ideal for making a tennis ball go a very long way in roughly the direction I’d intended. It was almost like it was designed specifically to do that. Now, I’ve been accused of spoiling my dog and being a sucker for new shiney stuff and overly suckered into getting new gadgets, but I am however, VERY tempted to get a 4 Ball Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launcher Catapult. They look ACE.

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