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First Day (Back)

First Day (Back)

First day back for mine today after a tip top summer holiday. How the time flies. It’s Jay’s first day in Secondary school today. I think he’s most looking forward to the canteen (that’s my boy). Here they are shortly after we’d all started off the day with a round of fried egg toasted sandwiches. We all carefully circumnavigated the egg… Read more →

Some typed copy text on a sheet of paper on a typewriter.

I bought a typewriter

Unlike these words that I type here, on a modern keyboard that’s plumbed directly into the internet, the words on the picture above were typed with ink. On a bit of actual paper. There’s no cut copy paste. No shortcuts, nothing. Just good old words. Oh so many words are typed these days who’s molecules have been transmogrified into their electron… Read more →