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What can be described in a sentence – swapping our kitchen and our dining rooms around – is proving the “easier said than done” edict, correct. Some parts of it have gone swimmingly, and others (like a few bits this weekend) not so. I now know that drawers and corner base carousel units, with handles don’t mix and that perhaps white paint isn’t the best look for the outer chimney breast. We have however, knocked out the chimney breast and boxes it in, moved the boiler, installed the Belfast sink, fitted the tap, created an island,  installed water and electric to the island, build the base units, custom cut and installed the worktops and painted a few things and organised a whole bunch of stuff. We’ve picked up some proper bargains along the way – like a dishwasher for 99p and some unused chairs, sold on Gumtree a fraction of their cost (possibly because they were really uncomfortable, almost undoubtedly because the woman who bought them but them together incorrectly with the pole slanting forward rather than back, making the sitting surface rake forward at a very uncomfortable angle – 5 min fix, comfort abound.)


Now it’s working and the builders have gone we’re loving the functionality of it. We’re loving the social ‘heart of the home’ space we’ve created. It’s so much easier to work in. Everything has a place, acres of workspace. That is the project / end results main Raison d’être for me. Improved usability. More efficient ergonomics. Better equipment. All the better for churning out even more food for yet another hungry mouth! I like doing that though, as you’ve probably gathered by now. Going to start putting some thinking time into the dining room next.. well soon anyway. Or ‘The Banqueting Hall’ as we’re going to call it in a pretentious yet tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

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