Busy ol’ weekend

Squeezed a huge amount of activity into this weekend. Friends over on Friday – Cranium was the name of the rather good fun game we played. Part charades, part pictionary, part trivial pursuits, part call my bluff type board game. Enjoyed so much so, that we played it again on Saturday night with another bunch of friends but quickly established that the Play Dough was not up to scratch. Eirene happened to have a play dough recipe to hand. Turned out  brilliant!

Sunday – went to Church – I was bullied into it by Sophie who was appearing in a performance as part of Brownies / Rainbows. Very sweet, and I enjoyed a good old sing song. After that, I went home to cook a big pan of fish chowder and entertained lunch guest before heading out into the setting sun for a walk and a pint (at the Harrogate Arms). Wrapped it all off with a fascinating and fun evening Sunday night trip into Leeds to see a film premier that our friend was starring in – Ladyfingers. I’m aiming to blog more on that in a bit!

Another chronological bookmark – first meal in our new Banqueting Hall (the name I’ve given our new dining room). I made Swedish meatballs with Ikea sauce.

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