Eating and drinking and eating and drinking


Lots of the above. Christmas day was lovely. Its all been a bit of a blur since then. I’ve been working from home but given the weird timings this betwixt the big date weeks, its hard to keep track of the actual days. Highlights of the past week or two, apart from the big day (which was lovely) have been belting out sing song at St. Peters Christingle, a tip top gig at The Blues Bar (the well above average The Birdman Rallies) and cooking. Lots of cooking for lots of people. Had the chance to catch up with old friends and reflect on the last year, which has been remarkable in a number of ways.

New kitchen. New baby en route. We had both of those things as a strong possible for sometime in the future, but they both came about this year. New car as well, but that kind of goes with the new baby badge (new car can fit us all in you see.)

The internet has been re invigorated for me – particularly photography.. the snap snap side that I love which has been incarnate in this blog, watchcam adventures, Flickr and most recently, instagram who I nearly fell out with over a silly policy proposition that looked a lot like greed. Turns out, they changed their mind.

Hmm.. this isn’t a proper post you know. I just wanted a ramble for a few minutes. Tatty bye.

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