KTHNXBAI 2012, oh HAI 2013!


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What a year it’s been. Sometime around this time of year I get a bit reflective and retrospective. I did exactly 10 years ago today anyway, in a post entitled New Years Eve in 2002, which included a trip to Australia and a couple to Amsterdam, seeing the best gig of my life,  the getting of a VW campervan and our Persian cat called misty and the birth of this blog. Since then, I’ve been to India, The USA, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland Wales, Spain, Portugal, The Balearics, The Canaries (each of which often several times), and countless destinations in the UK. I’d started my own company, worked for a big corp for 6 years and done loads of quality work that I’m proud of, modified our house (on going),  been to / played at loads of gigs, and festivals and parties,  had another child and got another on the way, and watched the cricket. I’ve been braindumping the whole thing on here – www.dragondrop.org. Quite an archive to look back on. The birth of facebook, the death of The Shuttle, the rise of fall of governments and empires. Hopefully, I’ll still be trying to fill up the internet on here in 10 years hence. (oh Hai future self!)

That’s the short version anyway.

So what about this last year? The internet – where I spend an awful lot of my time – hasn’t let the side down one little bit this year. A guy called Greg Rutter has done a fantastic job of compiling a definitive list of things you should have already experienced on the internet in 2012 (unless you’re old or a looser or something) called “GREG RUTTER’S DEFINITIVE LIST OF THE THINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY EXPERIENCED ON THE INTERNET IN 2012 UNLESS YOU’RE A LOSER OR OLD OR SOMETHING“. Someone who clearly spends more time on the internet than even me. Well done Greg – excellent list.

So in a similar vein to the above, here’s my highlights of the year just gone. . .

DragonDrop’s top adventures, 2012

An excellent techno night in Birmingham
A mind-bendingly good conference on web design

Went sledging with my kids and dog

Went to Whitehaven for a stag do

Went to Lanzarote

The adventures of Cake Dog

Did DragonGate Festival / Went to a beautiful wedding on The Wharfe (nearly quite literally)

Had one of those weekends that reminded me that my home town (Harrogate UK) is brilliant

Got involved with a Shakespeare production in Wales

Went camping, up at Bobby Bee’s 

A quick trip to Dublin

Moved into our new kitchen

Went ice skating

Thank’s 2012! and thanks for not ending. Silly end of worldists nearly had me worried for a minute. Here’s to next year – and here’s to you, dear reader – thanks for DragonDropping by – have a lollipop.

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