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We’ve got nine and a half weeks to go. Another human being is currently curled up inside my wife. Its been nearly 7 years since our last baby. I’m very much looking forward to the arrival of the new little one but I’m also apprehensive in some ways. The comfort zones are about to re set.

I wonder what new baby will look like. We’ve been contemplating a 3D scan, but haven’t got round to it yet. Part of me thinks if we wait a few weeks we’ll have the real thing and we’ll be a couple hundred quid better off. The Id of my curiosity verses the Superego Yorkshire of my fiscal sensibilities.

In theory it should balance our family off quite nicely. 2 boys. 2 girls. A Mama and a Dada, but, who knows what dynamics will be at play. I’ve not got a lot to compare it to and (as up until this point) I’ll be making it all up as I go along, with hopefully a bit of input from relatives and friends and good old Google guidance along the way.

What will she be? I hope good and happy what ever it is. Who will she look like? What will her idiosyncrasies be? Favorite food, favorite music, favorite place. Least liked habit of mine. Favorite art. If she could change anything, what would it be. If she had 3 wishes…?

If you are reading this in a few years little one, hello. I hope I’m a good Dada.  Drop a passing comment on this post for me? (Have a go at answering the above questions if you like. I may ask you to do so every 10 years.)x

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