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Earlier today, if you went to you’ll have got an ugly message telling you that bandwidth had been exceeded and that the site owner may have gone over his/her bandwidth allowance.  I’m pretty sure I’ve not gone over it, you have, dear reader. I’ve subsequently added a 5GB more to the allowance, hoping that this tides it over till the end of the month.

This fact, along with the steadily climbing visitor stats tells me that more people have visited the site in the last month than any month before. It’s a record month. This directly correlates with my ‘daily blog’ (currently tagged DD365, which I may change at some point, if I think of something more interesting) new years resolution. I’ve been promoting these posts more, some of them have done the rounds a bit, some of them haven’t. It’s funny how it works. A blog with a title of “What are you looking at” earlier this month amassed huge visitor numbers under its own steam.  Others, haven’t done so well yet perhaps should have. It’s a bit of a black art, and I’m finding that getting more and more insight into is fascinating and useful.

Speaking of stats though, one thing I do know is that a lot of people land here looking for “Labrador poodle”. This is probably to do with a silly and not very good really picture I posted as a flyer for a club night I was promoting at the time,  and partially because I’ve mentioned Labrador poodle in blogs where I’ve talked about my dog and her ‘designer dog’ status (She’s a labradinger. Half lab, half Springer). Anyhoo.  Just thought I’d share. </Lunchtime ramblings.>

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