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  1. Simon
    Simon at |

    I’m pretty sure that “Afghan Girl” was shot on a Nikon, Matt. Wikipedia agrees:

    “At the Nasir Bagh refugee camp in 1984, Gula’s photograph was taken by National Geographic Society photographer Steve McCurry on Kodachrome color slide film, with a Nikon FM2 camera and Nikkor 105mm F2.5 lens”

    Sorry to be a pedant!

  2. Simon
    Simon at |

    Who cares, it’s an amazing photo whatever it was taken with! He uses Canons and medium format, too.

    I’ve got a copy of the original National Geo with the Afghan Girl cover, I’d love to get it signed one day. Steve is probably my favourite living photographer.

    Looking forward to seeing your results…

  3. The Jony Ive Leica
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    […] I’ve waxed lyrical about Leica before so I’ll spare you the rhetoric but suffice to say, I’m a big fan of the brand and it was that part of the story specifically that piqued my interest. Having an iconic designer, design a iconic Leica is an interesting idea, but it isn’t a new idea. This article on ViewBug talks about 10 such projects – where the end result was a classic Leica, re designed. In case you’re wondering, prices for these started out at anywhere from $3000 and went upwards of $50,000. Given their limited edition kudos, their price tag will undoubtedly have gone in a fairly sharp, upwardly direction. […]

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