Quick trip north of the border


Popped up to Scotland. The south Trossachs, in the MacDonald Forest Hills Hotel and Resort on the banks of Loch Ard to be specific. It’s very nice. We’ve got a lodge who’s best feature is a view up the Loch, which this morning roared with beauty as the hills poked through the mist. Started the day with a couple of sits in our own private sauna. Nice way to start the day. Fact.

Just back from a walk around a loch. Lichen. Hills. Mist. Water and a wee dram of whisky. When in Rome and all that.

Yesterday we visited the above amazing thing. Its called the Falkirk wheel and its designed to take boats from the canal up there and put them down there. Because the two ‘gondolas’ are perfectly balanced it only takes the equivalent of 8 kettles to do the up there to down there thing. Quite incredible. Engineering meets art.

Just about to go into the hotel for a bit now, as we have their snooker room, badminton court and table tennis table booked. Then back for haggis tatties and neeps.

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