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I’m thinking about this thing I’ve publicly committed to. This ‘blog every day this year’ idea. Whilst I didn’t actually define what I’m calling ‘a blog’, we all know (or have a google close enough at hand to know) that the word blog, is a shortening of two words – web, and log.

The Oxford English defines the verbiage ‘log’ as thus;

A regular or systematic record of incidents or observations.

Since writing my last blog post – the feeling that it’s not quite up to scratch, not quite a proper blog has been nagging me. Technically, it is – I observed something and wrote about it – but I hardly proffered any origination or creativity or devoted much energy to it. If I’d spent ages looking for it, that would have been different, but I didn’t.  So I could cop out and say as long as I log some-kind of observation, that’s alright Jack. But I feel there should be a bit more to it than that. I’m in it for the self discovery as much as anything else. Forcing myself to do something creative, original or at least something I’ve put some energy and/or TLC into every day – whether it be a piece of writing, photography, or other medium that could be ‘put’ on the web.

There isn’t a guild of bloggers, as far as I know (if there is one, where do I sign?) but there are Master Craftsmen. People like Seth Godwin, who recently shared his secret in a blog entitled Writer’s block and the drip. It’s something at this moment in time, I can really identify with. In summary, he’s saying the secret is to keep writing – regularly. “The writing isn’t the hard part, it’s the commitment. Drip!”

I’ve heard this idea before from lots of different people. The 10,000 hours theorem by Swedish psychologist Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, Keep chipping away at what ever it is and eventually, you’ll be a genius at it. An inspiring talk I saw last year from  Travis Schmeisser who insisted we got back into just making stuff for the heck if it. We used to build dens and lego and draw stuff and make stuff – not because we had to, or because our clients paid us to do it, but because it was fun. It’s a journey of learning, tweaking, improving..

Eventually, the monkey in me may write the entire works of Shakespeare.

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  1. Dodgyb
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    I recently came across the Dymaxion Chronofile, Buckminster Fuller’s attempt to document his life as completely as possible. He created a very large scrapbook in which he documented his life every 15 minutes from 1920 to 1983. The scrapbook contains copies of all correspondence, bills, notes, sketches, and clippings from newspapers. The total collection is estimated to be 270 feet (80 m) worth of paper. This is said to be the most documented human life in history.

    “I could not be judge of what was valid to put in or not. I must put everything in, so I started a very rigorous record”

    Buckminster Fuller 12 July 1962

    Inspired Matt?

  2. Robert Linthicum
    Robert Linthicum at |

    That is quite the challenge, Matt, writing for public consumption every day.

    There was a stupid/funny comedy show in The States long ago called “Mr Ed”. The them song lyrics had a very meaningful line to me that went something exactly like, ” . . . Mister Ed will never speak unless he has something to say.”

    I’m not sure I have something to say every day.

    Go Matt!

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