Shall I try blogging every day this year?


.. I mean, that’s gonna be a lot of waffle, intermingled with my usual in depth musings. Worried that one won’t be able to see the wood for the trees.

However, it’ll be an interesting project and this year is kind of a big deal, so it might work out although we’ve not got any major off site adventures planned…yet. I’ll think about it. You will probably know in a few days if I do or don’t.

I tried a 365 project over on Flickr once – failed, but got to something like 288 days. A target, at least. ‘Decent’ as my boy Jaygo might say.

So – above pic – my first of the year, as the sun (who we’ve not seen in what feels like a very long time) was flooding in through the bathroom window is of an amulet. Believed in many cultures from Greece to the Middle East) to ward off the evil eye. Essentially, deliver us from evil. What ever your nazur is, who ever your God is, what ever your faith,sense or science is I hope it/he/she looks out for us all in 2013 and protects us from evil and nasties and such. There. That should just about cover all bases.

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  1. Mrs_Moons
    Mrs_Moons at |

    Nicely put sir. the sun sure did feel like a nice omen this morning…..:)

  2. AW Backhouse
    AW Backhouse at |

    I am aiming to have a go at the same type of thing, Matt – shall we say, the first to stop buys the other a bottle of Black Sheep?

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