100 Acquaintances

In my last blog post, I described a project called 100 strangers, and how I’ve embarked on the quest to get photos of 100 strangers.  I’m toying with the idea of the same kind of thing, but for 100 acquaintances. Perhaps the moniker “100 friends” may be more appropriate, but that’s already being used by a rather groovy sounding charity thing.

So, 100 acquaintances would perhaps be an altogether less ‘into the unknown’ therefore perhaps less challenging project that involves shooting 100 photos of people you know already. I say less challenging – it’s still quite a big ask – Typically, one would run out of close friends and family within 20? 30? 50? Asking people at work might be the next step – then where? Shop workers you’re on speaking terms with? Refuse collectors? Postmen? It could be quite fun when it gets to that stage and quite a challenge, I imagine, when you get into the 80s and 90s.  You’d still tell their story, and still shoot a new image especially – but it would be for people you already ‘know’. Perhaps this poject would be a better place to start as it’s got a gentler learning curve.

Anyhoo – I may set that up at some point.

Eirene and bellySpeaking of photos though, I got some more developed and burned to disk.  (Max Spielman Harrogate, – very good, cheapest option if you’re keen on giving ‘analogue’ a go again, and they say they’ll do cross processing, for the record and BW). I Shot on Klick 200 deadstock with my (now trusty) Leica AF-C1 and I’m really liking the results. Slightly muddy looking colours from this film perhaps – but, that’s SOOC for you (Straight Out Of Camera). I’m quite please with the simplicity of the Baby in Belly photo featured here.

I’ve chucked a few more of them into a flickr set called Saltair Feb13.

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