Airfix fix

Relived part of my childhood today and introduced Jaygo to the joys of model building. So far, built a cockpit and painted a few parts. A fun thing to do for a bit.

It reminded me of all the fiddly itsy bitsy hobbies I had as a kid. Wood carving being a biggy for a while, tying flies (the fishing kind), painting warhammer 40k figures and making air fix models. Perhaps a reason why toys work; to allow a child to have a go at things like engineering and executing a plan, without the risk of doing it for real. Making an airfix airoplane or designing the choreography of a big car chase for instance without the danger of carnage.

Spent a lot of the day chilling. We were out at a marriage celebration in Leeds last night – Lovely night, but lightweights R US at the moment were in bed by 11.

Took Elsie (a dog) out for a lovely wander in the sun with a ball and a ball wanger this morning. She loved that. I loved that. Just had friends round for dinner. I’m feeling a bit out of sorts for some unknown reason, so came to bed, which is where I am now finishing off a half baked blog I started earlier today.

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  1. Henry Morris
    Henry Morris at |

    Looks like a Messerschmitt from here?

  2. Henry Morris
    Henry Morris at |

    That’s embarrassing. Don’t talk about the war!

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