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So – this keyboard (an eKit Bluetooth Keyboard) feels great to type on. Being a trained (but bad habited) touch typist, I’m quite fussy about keyboards. I’m currently reposing in bed, typing this blog on the new keyboard, into the wordpress android app, on my phone, which is gripped between my knees.

I’ve been after a bluetooth keyboard for a while now. Something that I can thrown in my bag and cart around with me so that (as I’m sure the nature of my blog 365 project will dictate from time to time) I can type at a reasonable wpm. The desire is, that I’ll be able to blog comfortably, from the field (cafe, or pub or train, etc.).

I’ve been looking at models around the 40 – 100 GBP mark. I just got this keyboard for 8 GBP, reduced from 40 GBP (Smug mode). It was with a few other bits and bobs in one of those apologetic looking, a bit sorry for itself isle end, with a hotch potch of reduced stuff on display in Sainsburys Supermarket. It didn’t have a price and it was there on it’s own. The box had been opened and possibly due the the message on the back saying additional software would be sold separately, it looked like it had been picked up, checked out and dismissed a few times. Still had it’s ‘sterile’ product bag in tact though. I was amazed when the girl on the counter, who I’d asked to price check for me, told me it was 8 quid. “Where did you find this?” asked she, and looked really dissapointed when I said I thought it was the last one.

Set up was simple and intuitive. I pressed a button on the back, searched for devices on my phone, it asked me to type a passcode in, and hay presto. Up and running. Some of the media keys don’t do anything, and the window/apple keys are also ornamental but the character keys all work as well as a home button and volume controls. I’ve tried it on an iPad as well and it hooked up no worries. The other keys worked.

The main negative point is that it does not have a pound symbol. This and the American set up, with the @ symbol, residing at SHIFT + 2 instead of SHIFT + ‘, where I’m used to it being. The lack of an off switch is a bit disconcerting as well, given that it is battery driven. Apart from that, it’s perfect. A proper bargain.

Eirene’s just made a sleeve I can carry it round in with a draw string top – out of some old leg warmers. Just the jolly jimbo.

I’m using this blog post to test the new keyboard. I’ve found the main splurge of verbiage input was fine, as is editing and navigating around the document using the cursor keys. It’s got the feel of an apple keyboard. I’ve enjoying typing up so much. That, and the fact I love the sound of my own voice means it’s probably longer than it could be. Get used to it I guess – now I’m tooled up with a portable keyboard, I guess for the time being, I’ll be doing more waffly!

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    When typing on a physical keyboard, the user’s focus is on the actual text that appears on the screen, not on the keyboard. There is no need to look at the keyboard. The keys don’t move, and the physical features of the keyboard ensure that her hands stay in place, too. The same is not true for virtual keyboards. Even minuscule shifts in the position of your fingers can cause you to miss keys. What’s more, the keyboard itself can change. In most cases, users of virtual keyboards will focus on the keyboard, not on the text that appears on the screen.

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