Bit of a cop out

This blog post, although it’s only just begun, I predict will be quite a non event. I’ve condemned the thing before I’ve even finished the first sentence. See, even though I’ve got ninja time management skills, some days (like today) are super full. Days leading up to this day, have also been super full and I’ve not had the time to manage the time to make the time to give myself enough time to prep a decent blog. Sorry about that.

Being Valentines day, and the day before my wife’s birthday and a normal working day and a boys at scouts requiring a double lift combo day and my turn to put Sophie to bed night combine to make it a back to back activity day. I nearly said chore, or task then – but the next thing on my schedule is watching Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. A fantastic book – hope the film meets the standard. I’m looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, I suggest you read yesterdays blog. It starts out about walking dogs and ends up being about Ambergris. Who’d have thunk it?

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