Chrome OS install – aborted

I’ve been trying to get a version of Google’s operating system : Chrome OS working. Failed. Google themselves only support it when it’s on either a chromebook or a chromebox – specially built Windows rival computers now widely available. The operating system itself is free and open source, so in theory, I could download it and build my own ‘image’, but that looks to be in the realm of the uber technical bods by the look of things, so I steered clear.

I thought I’d got close, when I found a site by a fella called Hexxeh offering a pre compiled, fairly low tech overheaded ‘vanilla’ version that you can run off a USB stick. That didn’t work on the 3 machines I tried it on. I’ve successfully run Ubuntu before on one of the machines before though. Ubuntu is, like Chrome, an open source, Linux based operating system that you can run off a USB stick. I’m guessing Hexxeh’s vanilla Chrome OS (like someone in a help forum pointed out) quite a sensitive build that only works on certain machines. I guess my machines are not in the ‘certain machines’ list.

There was another version kicking around apparently called Chrome Lime, that allegedly runs on a wider range of machines, but annoyingly, this seems to be, temporarily or otherwise, unavailable. All links for chrome point to the main site. I’m going to keep an eye out, and keep trying, as I do like the look of Chrome OS and the concept of it. The fact it can boot in 8 seconds is a big plus point. Sometimes, I was to just do stuff, and not wait.

So, digging around dull tech sites, trying to figure it all out, was totally not fun. It would have been totally forgotten about, had I got the thing working, but I didn’t so it will remain in my memory as being a dull task. I’m guessing it’s about as dull as this blog post, but given my commitment to blog about something other than my dinner for 365 days, coupled with the fact I occasionally have dull things going on in my life, I’m going to write a dull blog, from time to time. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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  1. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    What a shame, I was looking forward to Chrome OS running on anything electrical with a pulse and a USB port. Good effort. Since trying Ubuntu my spare time has become trawling dull tech sites too, but I’m sticking with it.

  2. Roger B
    Roger B at |

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