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  1. My eldest, my youngest
    My eldest, my youngest at |

    […] I’ve just been flicking through my camera of photos taken over the past couple of weeks and found the above. It’s the first time I’ve seen it (I’ve no idea who took it) but it made me smile. I’ve got a huge bunch of photos a video to sift through – I’ve been extremely trigger happy this past couple of weeks – I’ll have to set aside some time to sift through them and upload them (File management is the new rock n roll). […]

  2. Jaygo won the fossil competition
    Jaygo won the fossil competition at |

    […] a bunch of photos from our recent France trip as well as catching up on a load of file management (It’s the new Rock n Roll) – and sorting out a timelapse video from our […]

  3. Audio File
    Audio File at |

    […] Google play Music is also an online store – (that undercuts iTunes by 20p per song for the same product) and a premium instant listen service called All Access – a  service comparable to Spotify. So far, I’ve found it very pleasant and easy to use – perhaps too simplistic would be a crit – it’s not quite as granular as Spotify in the way you can sort stuff, but it’s still great for doing the job of finding and playing music. I’ve got a fair bit of work to do to tidy it all up – but as I’ve said before, here on, File Management is the new Rock n Roll. […]

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