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  1. Andy ..... again
    Andy ..... again at |

    Hi Matt – eloquent point!

    I too feel I am missing out on the ‘community’ aspect by having a self-hosted blog. So much so that I am thinking of moving to Tumblr. There is no direct way of doing this so you have to change to Blogger and then import to tumblr.

    However, I digress. What are your thoughts on Tumblr blogs replacing sites?

    I am all ears.

  2. Andy ..... again
    Andy ..... again at |

    Hi Matt – have you changed the comments box? I am now able to subscribe etc and seem to be able to do a heap lot more to follow you than previously. What plugin is it?

  3. evil
    evil at |

    have you thought about :-

    id be carfull matt, your disk usage and bandwidth is possibly higher than wp hosting might allow……

  4. Matt |
    Matt | at |

    Just found a plugin called Gravitar Like that allows you to add the wp like func. 1/3 ain’t bad.

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    Standing on the shoulders of giants at |

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  6. Claudia Cane
    Claudia Cane at |

    Searching for the answer so long my eyes are burning and trying to come up with a good reason not to switch over to the .com

  7. Crystal
    Crystal at |

    I hear ‘ya! I couldn’t figure out why my reblog wouldn’t work. Now I know. We need some self- hosted inclusion!!

  8. robertmerrill
    robertmerrill at |

    Looking for reblog support, too!

  9. LuciferBernanke
    LuciferBernanke at |

    Anyone ever find a good answer for this? I’ve figured out how to get WordPress Like but not WordPress Comments or WordPress Reblog (most important) — 🙁

  10. Si Ayah
    Si Ayah at |

    I’m still looking for the solution 🙁

  11. nzcid
    nzcid at |

    Me too – anyone..

  12. dannywallispt
    dannywallispt at |

    I feel your pain! I have just launched a new blog site on .org self hosted after moving away from .com and am slowly realising how alone it feels on the other side of the fence!

  13. Mani @eatweetsleep
    Mani @eatweetsleep at |

    Yessss!!! as soon I started my new self hosted blog my comments are few and far between. Very frustrating. There is a plugin I am going to test called repost that apparently allows this function. Il;l come back and let you know how it went.

  14. Dave
    Dave at |

    Same problem, same desire for a solution. I have several friends on the side of things that have asked about re blogging some of my content. The lack of a solutions is truly frustrating.

  15. Kevin Phillips
    Kevin Phillips at |

    Wow, years after this post, & I’m still looking for a solution to this problem. One thing Matt is definitely right about. Don’t think you’ll find support from the forums. Those moderators are brutal! Sad, I was finding so much success from my ,com site that people pressured me to get a .org saying it will make me more professional. Well, it also makes me more nonexistent! I miss my community!

  16. livingincyn
    livingincyn at |

    So here we are in 2016 and it appears there still isn’t a solution to this problem. Someone mentioned elsewhere that there’s a plugin called RepostUs. Has anyone tried this plugin before?

  17. Dαvìd Shαres (@DavidShares)
    Dαvìd Shαres (@DavidShares) at |

    My recommendation is to *not* use Tumblr, or end up with problems like this

  18. tinkererofwords
    tinkererofwords at |

    I understand the struggle! Just got my self-hosted blog a few days ago and I know the feeling of loneliness especially if you’re an newbie blogger trying to find some footing 🙁

  19. Angela M
    Angela M at |

    Mani @eatweetsleep: how did it go?

    Still seeking a solution to this problem.

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