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I could quite get used to this forced chillax. I’m not sure for how long, and I do pity those folk who have to stay in bed for weeks on end, but as I’m only 48 hours in, the novelty is still overriding the potential monotony.

I’m lucky to have an ace wife, who, only minutes ago has brought me the above slice of cake and tea in bed, after a chicken and avocado sarney, not so long back. I’m also lucky enough to have a bunch of friends who are dropping me nice texts, tweets, comments and emails every now and then, and I’m immensely lucky to have a song penned in my benefit called the Matt Watson Benefit Single. Funny little man.

I have pottered about a bit today. I say pottered, bit of a slow shuffle. I went to make myself coffee. Stood on the back step for a few minutes to catch some sun, and here I am now, braving one of the breakfast bar chairs in the kitchen with it’s spinning base. Or is that just me? Seriously though, a marked improvement on this time yesterday, things are on the up and up. So much so, that I think we may even be able to take up an offer of a steady away first birthday party in a bit. I’ve held back on doing one of my allotted 4 a day ‘I can walk straight pills’ especially.

I may even be back on my feet properly at this rate before too long, where I’ll have to do something other than lay around in bed all day, surfing the twitter and ebay for most of my waking hours. Perhaps not just yet though.

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  1. Matt
    Matt at |

    Partied. Head farted. Home. Pleasant half hour or so though.

  2. Simon
    Simon at |

    Just read this Billy,

    Hope you are doing ok and resting up. How the balancey stuff has returned for the weekend!

    Take care old bud.


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