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A pet hate of mine is the phrase ‘designer glasses’ (see also ‘designer sunglasses’ and ‘designer frames’ – heck, I’m going to throw ‘designer outlet’ and ‘designer clothes’ in there as well for good measure). This phrase can only be there to serve as a differentiator, to a type of glasses that are not designer glasses. This is the bit that bugs me – because all glasses (and clothes) have been designed. They haven’t just stumbled into existence randomly. They didn’t just fall out of the sky in their current form. They were designed by someone and that someone more than likely has the word ‘designer’ somewhere in his or her job title or description. I’m sure there’s someone out there with a perfectly valid reasoning behind the ‘designer’ tag and how something can be qualified as a ‘designer’ product.

This all came to the forefront of my mind today because I paid a trip to the ocular enhancement device engineers, (or opticians as they are sometimes called). I was told that there was a significant change to my prescription and I’d need new lenses. After scratching around for randomly formed objects to support said lenses in front of my eyes for a bit, without much if any success, I decided to go for a pair of frames that had been designed specifically for this purpose. They are black, they’ve got arms and look a bit like a pair I had in 2006. I pick them up tomorrow and I’ll no doubt post a picture of them on the interwebs in the not too distant.

Other than marveling over the potentiality for design free man made products, we’ve had a busy day. Far too busy on reflection – as have the last few days. A walk in the spectacular sun with little miss was a tonic this morning though – where I snapped this self portrait of Eirene and I with the top of Annie’s very heat insulated head at the bottom of the frame.
This photo (and a bunch of others that I’ve uploaded to my flickr stream) we’re shot with the lovely LOMO LCA camera (I say lovely, it’s battery compartment is being a bit temperamental – bodged together with tin foil at the moment).

Busy old few days – We haven’t stopped really since we got Annie. Got a few things on tomorrow, but we’ve just factored in a big chillax as the main event and oh look, it’s nearly the weekend.

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