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It’s around this time of year that I miss my mum a fair bit. Mothers day and all that, but this Tuesday marks the 8th anniversary since her passing away. I’ve been sifting through a huge volume of of old photographs this evening and found this beautiful shot of my mum with my eldest boy Felix on his 6th birthday – just 6 months before she died. The fact that she lives on through my children is a big comfort. Rest in peace mum. I’ll always love you.

I’m aiming to archiving ‘all’ my notable family photos to the cloud – specifically, flickr. I’m banking on the internet being a bit more ‘winds of time’ proof than the old computers, that are destined to junk up my cellar and with as each passing year, have an increasingly lessened likelihood of ever being booted up and connected to a monitor again.

I started using flickr in 2005 and since then have uploaded over  7600 photos. Before then my photos were scattered around on various hard drives, CDs, telephones, memory cards and bits of paper. I’m working on the hard drive archives first (the low hanging fruit) with perhaps a view to getting a decent scanner and digitising some of the thousands of negatives and photographic prints I’ve got, as an ongoing project.

Meanwhile though, I’ll probably be confusing the Dickens out of my Flickr timeline by jumping back 9 years. The thing that looks the weirdest through in many of the old photos I’ve been sifting through, is not my ever changing glasses and hair styles, nor my kids growing and forming into the people they are today, but photos of people smoking in pubs and clubs. It looks utterly bizarre.

Anyhoo – here’s a link to my archive – which at the time of writing this is still uploading: Pre Flickr Family»

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