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Blogger. Photogger. Ecom design lead / manager for a big holiday company. Co-founder of 4 kids. Co-host of weekly radio show. Dog walker.

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  1. Sarah Bentley
    Sarah Bentley at |

    This is a great article Matt…did you know Tom Bentley, ‘ontsofa’s very own videogropher and editor, is my eldest boy? Im very proud. xx.

  2. We’re off out tonight
    We’re off out tonight at |

    […] was born nearly 1 month ago. Our night ahead sounds quite spesh – we’re off to an On’t Sofa (the guys who I hung out with and wrote about here) […]

  3. Lumia Live Sessions
    Lumia Live Sessions at |

    […] The premise of this, as well as the location seem to have a bit in common with our friends at OntSofa – who’s Leeds studio is just a few doors down from The Leeds Cage, where the evening […]

  4. 365 Project – COMPLETE
    365 Project – COMPLETE at |

    […] My most intense day’s ‘work’ on DragonDrop was in March – when I wrote about On’t Sofa – A couple of guys I know who are passionate about music. A site visit to see them at work in Leeds, […]

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