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Eirene and Sophie

Some photos that I didn’t take

Photographer Nicola Radford took a series of photos over the past week or two of mainly Eirene but some with Sophie. Eirene was keen to snapshot this point in her life, at the poignant bookmark of 39 weeks pregnant. This is probably my favourite – the whole set was nice though – some ethereal looking fairly shots in the woods and a few arty studio shots…. Read more →

Winter’s last huraah

There’s this phrase – probably borderline ‘old wives’ tale’ territory, that’s been on the periphery of my thoughts at a certain time of year for the past few years; “Summer’s last huraah”. It epitomises the Indian summer MKII or three when you’d conceded to the fact that we’re not likely to any more in the way of sun for the… Read more →

In loving memory

In loving memory

It’s around this time of year that I miss my mum a fair bit. Mothers day and all that, but this Tuesday marks the 8th anniversary since her passing away. I’ve been sifting through a huge volume of of old photographs this evening and found this beautiful shot of my mum with my eldest boy Felix on his 6th birthday – just 6… Read more →

Quarter way in.. DD365

I’m over quarter way in. 3 months of non stop daily blogging into my ‘blog every day this year’ project. This year already, I’ve created more posts than I did in the whole of 2009 and I’ve probably put more words – and effort – into the creation and curation of It’s been relatively easy: It’s been a part of my… Read more →

Ron "Typewriter" Mingo

Ron “Typewriter” Mingo

I’m in awe of this guy. As well as MC Hammer’s baseball coach, he’s was a pro baseball player, an American footballer, boxer and George Foreman’s sparring partner. His main claim to fame though (as if the MC Hammer connection wasn’t enough), is that he was a Guinness World Record holder of “The fastest typist on a manual typewriter”, measured at 168… Read more →