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DragonDrop family being photographed

This photo of us being photographed was taken by Henry (who’s up north to take part in a ultra marathon race tomorrow).  The local news paper heard about our recent birth experience and as a result, we’ve been interviewed and photographed – we might be in next Thursday’s Harrogate Advertiser.

Other significant happenings today – I got some new glasses and a new camera. A Pentax Optio WG-2. They’re reduced to half price at the moment (probably clearing shelf space for the WG-3 that’s currently in the wings). The camera is an upgrade to the Pentax Optio W20 that I ran into the ground – a brilliant camera.  It’s ‘normal’ photos – were ok (random example pic from my archives), but the best features were that it was waterproof (example pics), had an amazing macro (example pic) and could record timelapse footage (example vid). This new camera has all those features (enhanced in a lot of cases) – like it’s macro that now has a ring of lights around the lens especially for the purpose – and can do an amazing job of capturing close up stuff – like Eirene’s eye (note the third pupil from a bungee cord accident from when she was a kid in Africa;



So new features include, pet recognition and super high speed video, which when played back at normal speed, it makes it super slow mo  (Here’s a test I did earlier.)The manufactures pitch it as an adventure camera. Ideal as a the new workhorse camera for DragonDrop Adventures. All that and it looks like (especially the ‘all black’ version I went for) the batmobile. What more could you want from a camera?

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  1. Simon
    Simon at |

    Direct on-camera flash? shame on you, Mr Local Rag snapper!

  2. Sarah Bentley
    Sarah Bentley at |

    I thought of you guys when I read an article about a baby born in a taxi in yesterdsy’s HA…x

  3. Robert Linthicum
    Robert Linthicum at |

    Pet recognition, LOL. Great stuff, Matt.

    Second the whiff at the photographer–my wife even knows you don’t aim that thang at people.

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