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tequila Ended up in “The Den” in Harrogate town centre last night. We were en route to The Blues but never made it quite that far – I bumped into a friend who said there were a load of people I knew at The Den. A pub that’s re invented itself recently. Twice; going from Crabtrees, to Vanilla, now The Den. It’s still pretty much as per Crabtrees. Did a fair chunk of drinking, played some shoddy pool and had some right good chinwaggery. Caught up with a bunch of quality people I’ve not seen for a while.

Prior to that, m’self and a couple of good friends popped into the newly refurbished ‘The Regency’ pub. They’ve knocked the bar back to the wall instead of the huge hulking thing taking up half the room that it was before. The decor has been refreshed – has a semi upmarket look to it, wood and exposed brick, Victorian tiles – quite tasteful. Perhaps to offer a grounding contrast to this upmarket feel there’s a large Homer Simpson quote emblazoned on the wall. The music wasn’t my cup of earl grey particularly. I’d describe it as tacky euro trash badly mixed. The clientèle of which there was many, seemed to love the new set up and soundtrack – it was pretty rammed.

Today has involved a fair bit of chilling. I cooked a tweaked version of Brown Windsor Soup for lunch. Top quality hang over cure – especially with horsradish dumplings (which I omitted today, owing to the lack of suet in the house). Wrapped up the weekend with a big pile of fish ‘n’ chips.  It’s all good in our hood.

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    Do you always cook in a Suit on Sundays?

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