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I’m over quarter way in. 3 months of non stop daily blogging into my ‘blog every day this year’ project. This year already, I’ve created more posts than I did in the whole of 2009 and I’ve probably put more words – and effort – into the creation and curation of DragonDrop.org.

It’s been relatively easy: It’s been a part of my life for nearly 11 years now. I guessed where the pinchpoints would be – finding content. Finding things to write about, but over the last few months I’ve been going out of my way to look for it. Particularly in one of my fave hobbies (and former semi profession) photography, I’ve dusted off old kit and looked out for new things to do. I’ve had my ear to the ground, listening out for new stuff.

The other potential pinch point – I’ve not had a problem with – finding time to do blogs. I’m pretty organised in the art of finding time to sit behind a computer for a few hours. I’ve been honing said skill pretty much every day since I was about 10 years old.

The technical side if things – the beauty of this being a weblog is that it’s on the internet and that’s pretty much everywhere now. Add to this, a phone with a bluetooth keyboard combo – and I can write blogs anywhere.

I’m learning so much along the way though. Particularly in the realm of what to write about and how to write. When I set out on this blog every day for a year project I set a few personal ground rules.

1./ I must blog every day
2./ I must not turn into a ‘here’s what I had for lunch’ blogger

(occasionally though, I have and will write about what I had for lunch). Easier said than done though – because the ‘here’s what I had for lunch bit’ refers to me looking for things outside my immediate field of view from time to time, or at least putting a wider angle on it.

I’ve got other targets in mind, namely increase the amount of people who are visiting this blog. My own personal ‘gamification’.  This is already happening. I’m noticing more and more repeat visitors and when I post a ‘big piece’ like after last Saturday’s OntSofa.com piece. I’m also experimenting with social reach – and what effects promoting on different networks using different techniques has. Things like time of day, leading question, picture style – all seem to make a difference (not the the point where I can hang any proper science on it just yet).

I’m trying to learn more about interaction – it seems that no matter how hard I try sometimes, people will not comment on ‘Leave a Reply’ box at the bottom of every article – yet are quite happy to have conversations inside facebook about the same article. Interesting (yet frustrating).

My writing skill, I feel is improving. The way I’m forming and shaping articles. I’m learning and improving upon various techniques, developing my style and am more attuned to other writers.

Pieces like this though – a ‘behind the scenes update’ if you will, are just a long stream of though coming out through my fingers, yet pieces like last nights “Giz a go on your bike?” took a fair chunk of though, creativity, re working and iteration. I look back on some of the stuff from a few years ago and – well, cringe is the wrong word, but certainly see areas for improvement. Most of them were, like this, streams of babble – but with more typos and less meaning! As far as the last three months goes – it feels like I’m making improvements.

I think I’ll look out for some exercises to help me improve more. In a similar way to my 100 strangers project is, in theory honing my street photography skills, I guess there may be some exercises out there to hone ones writing skills. If you know of any – please let me know!

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  1. Simon
    Simon at |

    Really enjoying your daily updates, Matt, and photos too. No idea how you find the time!

  2. Henry Morris
    Henry Morris at |


  3. Sarah Bentley
    Sarah Bentley at |

    You’re doing fine Matt. Im quite picky when it comes to literacy!! Having had teachers for parents and later studying English at degree level, I consider myself to be reasonably good at stringing a decent sentence together! One of my pet hates is reading articles that are either grammaticaly incorrect, contain obvious spelling errors or are so badly punctuated that the piece makes no literal sense!
    Your writing flows, is interesting, even if its not, and you should be very pleased with yourself ok!!

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