Ron “Typewriter” Mingo


I’m in awe of this guy. As well as MC Hammer’s baseball coach, he’s was a pro baseball player, an American footballer, boxer and George Foreman’s sparring partner. His main claim to fame though (as if the MC Hammer connection wasn’t enough), is that he was a Guinness World Record holder of “The fastest typist on a manual typewriter”, measured at 168 words per minute. The video below is remarkable. It perhaps looks extra odd because he’s such a big unit.  In his own words, from a Canadian TV interview “It’s a strange thing to see a 6-foot-3-and-a-half, 240lb [17 stone] man, knocking out 160 words per minute on a manual typewriter”.  Top that with a bad ass, Mohamed Ali meets Mungo Jerry, but cooler type image, and you’ve got Ron “Typewriter” Mingo.

He also served as a touch typist teacher. I’m a trained touch typist (it’s a handy ‘power up’ skill),and would have loved to have had him as my teacher. His computer keyboard speed was another record breaking 225 wpm.  Unfortunately the ‘pre internet’ career of the guy doesn’t uncover much when trying to research him. There’s no “Official Website, follow me on twitter” type thing as far as I can see.

There are a few clips however, like this one, from a 70s TV show.. Check this guy out.

What. A. Dude.

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