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Well this is a first. I’m blogging from a ship. The Irish Ferries ship Ulysses to be specific. The largest passenger ferry (Jeremy Clarkson voice) in the world. We’re on our way to Dublin for Easter where the main event is to introduce new baby to our relatives over there. We’re all going (even the dog) and we’re all very much looking forward to it.

We booked a little cabin where I find myself in now – typing away whilst the rest of my clan are otherwise engaged. There’s something quite special about being in a cabin, on a ship. The solitude, the peace, the true ‘off the grid’ nature of it. I once read about a fella who took himself away for weeks on end on long freight voyages – mainly so that he could write in his little cabin. Boredom forced him to write, the lack of distraction meant he avoided procrastination. 

What a blissful existence for a while, thought I. What would it would be like to spend weeks as a paying passenger on a ship? For the sake of this fantasy, I’m going to assume that I’m on my own – so I’d be missing my family a fair chunk, but as far as it goes, I think I’d quite like it for a while. If I was doing it for the sake of writing, any serious writing for me would take research and for that, I’d need a library or an internet. Both of which are typically in short supply on a ship. Perhaps there’s a totally different type of writing I’m yet to discover – a writing that comes totally from within, pure memory and imagination. Interesting.

The rest of the Watson-Power clan have just crashed my little cabin bubble though – snack time!

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