Some photos that I didn’t take

Eirene and Sophie

Photographer Nicola Radford took a series of photos over the past week or two of mainly Eirene but some with Sophie. Eirene was keen to snapshot this point in her life, at the poignant bookmark of 39 weeks pregnant. This is probably my favourite – the whole set was nice though – some ethereal looking fairly shots in the woods and a few arty studio shots.

We’re at 40 weeks on Monday. We’ve been at the ‘any day now’ stage for what seems like aeons.  I was at work today and when it got to the end of the day – like every other day I’ve had recently – I’ve thought.. is this the last time I’ll go into work for a while? Funny day at work today. Red Nose Day and all that. The theme was “Onesies and PJs”. I went (complete with towel and dressing gown) as Arthur Dent.

I’ve just moved desks at work and (So I’m told by everyone who comes to see me) I’ve got the best desk in the whole office in the best area of the whole office. We’ve got around 400+ people in our open plan, converted mill of a space and I’ve now got a lovely big corner with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the hills, a nice bit of wall to stick stuff on, coat hangers and a big wrap around desk with loads of extra drawers and cabinets and things making extra surface area.  Surrounded by a top team with loads of top kit. Kushtie, I think is the word I’m looking for.

Eirne’s out tonight with some of her friends. I’m doing some bits and bobs, trying to figure out some technical stuff on gravitar and have had the honour of being asked to do some writing for someone for an event. I’ve also been asked to have a go at a logo for a festival in down south land. I should really get on with things whilst I can. I’ll probably sign off from this and go and look at cameras I don’t actually need on Ebay though.

Photo credit / with kind permission of Nicola Radford Photography

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