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Following on from my last blog – we’re now in Dublin. We had to drive through the city centre at rush hour, but because of the beautiful sunset which accompanied us, everything was AOK. We’re now trenched at ‘Irish Grandad’s’ and I’ve got a tin of Smethwicks on the go and we’re watching Allo Allo. Nice. I’ve brought over a copy of our local paper with us.. which has this on page six..


Turns out, the story of Annie’s birth got picked up by Ruby Kitchen from The Harrogate Advertiser. She’d read my blog on the chain of events and thought it would be a good story. I think she’s done a cracking job of reporting on it. It was really interesting to be the subject of a story, the muse of a proper journalist. We had a 30 minute natter on the phone – a really easy person to chat to – top journo skills – she’s told the story in an engaging way and recorded it accurately. I’ll look out for her wordsmithery in the future! 

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