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9 hours straight at 6 weeks

9 hours straight at 6 weeks

Our little owl slept through for 9 hours last night. The night before she slept around 6 hours, then had a quick feed and slept some more – the night before that (even though it was a very late night for her due to being at a gig) a good long sleep also. Dare we recognize a pattern? It may be too… Read more →

Experimental blog using speech only

Attempting to write a blog by talking into hey dictate machine that should convert speech to text political spectrum are just talking normal speed probably a few words that goes awry an acceptable and he had a broken down bus come over taking a broken down bus I’ll actually driving out our whole family full roof rack and going to… Read more →

Gang Show Harrogate 2013

We’re just in from seeing Gang Show at The Royal Hall. The cast included our very own Sophie who joined scores of others from the Cubs, Beavers, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownie and Guide fraternities of Harrogate. The tradition of the Gang Show has been going since 1932 and the Harrogate show has achieved ‘red necker’ status, which means it meets the… Read more →

Surprise views

Just been out for a lovely walk wi’ dog and my as good as new LOMO LC-A camera in between our kids social appointments and us being their hackney carriage.  Beautiful sunset – we’d rambled down the railway lines then across ‘the big field’ over the other side of the lines from Harrogate High. Had a couple of geocaches plugged into… Read more →

Sound advice

Sound advice

Sound advice indeed.. Spotted on one of Annie Mo’s items of clothing. Not only does it serve as an accurate label, just in case we forget what it is, it’s also got a top tip.  

Dog Cam 1.0

A very rough first go at an idea I’d had – to attach a camera to my dog and see what a dogs eye view of the world is like. I used the SC High Tide video camera watch that I got off Ebay for £8 recently. I clearly need some kind of strap so that I can secure it to… Read more →

An evening with Karl Culley

An evening with Karl Culley

At the weekend, I was fortunate enough to catch Karl Culley playing headline in a ‘one night only’ sell out show in The Harrogate Theatre. I’ve been a fan of Karl’s for years now – and was really excited about the prospect of hearing him live, playing a bunch of material he’s been beavering away with since he moved to… Read more →

It looks like I’ve missed a day..

Astute observers of my DD365 project may note at this point, that there’s a day missing. I wrote a blog yesterday but for some reason, it hasn’t published. It’s not even saved as as an online draft – but I know I wrote something just before nodding off last night on my tablet. I’m guessing and hoping its saved as… Read more →

"highly commend" Leeds University

“highly commend” Leeds University

Forgive my proud dad head for a moment – but for a respected university to publicly say that the efforts of your 14 year old son is “highly commendable” is kind of a big deal. Felix’s team earned this praise by coming second in a national competition called the University of Leeds STEM challenge 2013 this week. (S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, in case… Read more →

Culley, Dragonfly and Smith

Culley, Dragonfly and Smith

If I had to compile a list of ‘top events I’ve looked forward to in 2013’, this would be fairly high up on the list. Certainly single figures. Two of my fave local acts of all time (it may well be three by the end of the night – I’ve not see Samantha Smith before) are playing a one off, special gig… Read more →