9 hours straight at 6 weeks

Annie Mo
A picture of our baby after an epic sleep yesterday. Morning!

Our little owl slept through for 9 hours last night. The night before she slept around 6 hours, then had a quick feed and slept some more – the night before that (even though it was a very late night for her due to being at a gig) a good long sleep also. Dare we recognize a pattern? It may be too early to say ‘she’s sleeping though’ but we’ll take the last few nights as a bonus if not.

Yesterday Annie Mo turned 6 weeks old. These 42 days have flown by. I’ve often said to people, when recalling our other 3 experiences of babyhood, that “the first 6 weeks are a bit of a blur” or “I can’t remember much about the first 6 weeks”.  Hopefully by that, I mean something clicked at the 6 week stage and we started getting a bit more kip.

Other things that are happening – she’s able to track movement with her eyes and follow sound, hold the weight of her own head and (the best bit) smile. We’re starting to get some of the most beautiful honest big smiles. I’ve not managed to capture any on camera yet.

The lion’s share of the sleep deprivation and interruption has been taken by Eirene though – of which I’m immensely grateful. She’s (as you can imagine) quite pleased with little one’s sleep patterns this weekend.

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