Today for my blog of the day, I thought I’d try out something a bit different – an audio blog. I’ve just found that audioboo (the site I’ve used to serve the audio) clips recordings at 5 minutes for the free version (which is more that the 2MB that wordpress clips) and probably plenty, anyway. I did an audio blog on this site over 10 years ago – one that allowed you to phone in a blog and it automatically got uploaded to ones blog – but it seems that this has died a death. Anyhoo..

It’s a fairly random chunk of conversation, where we talk about food including the worlds sourest sweets, bananas and bread whilst we were having our tea. Unplanned, unscripted, live and unplugged.

Audioboo is interesting – it’s a audio blogging and public soup box type concept – where protracted conversations can take place. I’m going to explore it a bit more I think. I may also have a look at this – The BBC Listening Project. A kind audio snapshot in time type concept where they’re asking people to send in recorded conversations. I may well get involved in that as well.

Speaking of recording, I’m recording this weeks installment of our radio show tonight. Must dash.

Recorded using an Olympus DS-55 digital voice recorder with ME55S stereo mic.

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