Cracking morning

Not quite cracking flags temperature yet, but a beautiful blue sky drive into work this morning across The Yorkshire Dales. As the schools are off, the roads were quiet and I got to enjoy the scenery.The hills, still dappled with snow, new shoots emerging – nice, nice.. nice. I stuck my camera on the dashboard on timelapse mode – still getting to grips with it (so it’s not the best presentation . but still, you get the idea) Other than experimenting with timelapse compile settings – trying out various sizes and settings, YouTube and Vimeo I’ve been sifting through a huge pile of photos. Tagging and bagging them into some kind of order. As I type, a bunch of them are winging their way up to my flickr stream. I’m off to investigate baby in the bath time now.

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    I like the cement truck. Poop Poop!

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