Dog Cam 1.0

A very rough first go at an idea I’d had – to attach a camera to my dog and see what a dogs eye view of the world is like. I used the SC High Tide video camera watch that I got off Ebay for £8 recently. I clearly need some kind of strap so that I can secure it to dog firmly (without it harming her in the slightest – obviously)

This is just a few seconds of the 10 minute walk we had earlier – where I threw her rubber thing on a rope for a while. I’d love to be able to capture the speed she runs at without it being just the ferocious blur it is at the moment.  The whole things a bit of a mess, YouTube didn’t like the QuickTime join and cut off from a bit where I spliced another bit of footage in. Coupled with not finding a cheesy enough soundtrack. Needs more cowbell.

But.. it gives me something to build on. The problem with a daily blog, is that sometimes (like today) you’ve just got to go with the idea you’ve had, because it’s too late to crack on with something from scratch. People of YouTube are exhibiting signs of interest though – it had 9 views in the first minute. Anyhoo – back to the drawing board.

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