Felix built our new computer

Finally we got round to retiring the creaking old beast that served the family admirably, for around the last 10 years. Felix had the desire to build a computer himself and he’d saved a fair chunk of the money towards doing just that. We chipped in the latter half of the funding so that he could get it sooner rather than later.

Net result – he researched everything he needed, gave himself a crash course and eventually bought all the components needed to build a computer.  He’d heard the rumor from a few quarters (including me) that if you build a computer yourself, you get twice the spec for half the money (or there abouts). He went and did it! Amazing really. We’re really proud of him.  Today, after several days of uber tech land, he finished. The fact that I’m typing this blog now on it, is testament to the fact he completed it. Sure, he had a little help along the way (thanks Martyn from work, thanks Giles, thanks Phase4 and I helped a little as well) but by and large, he did it all himself. He learned a heck of a lot – and there was indeed a bit of error part in the trial and error part of the equation – but you can’t make an omelet without frying a few PSUs.

Its amazing how long we put up with the old PC. It really was slow in comparison. Poor old thing. It’s done a lot though -I ran a business on it for a while, it’s processed thousands of photos,  published hundreds of blog posts and designed scores of flyers and websites.  It was even the famous computer that Jaygo didn’t stop playing when Annie was being born in the hallway a few feet away.

I think we’re going to put it out to pasture for a bit, it’s not quite ready for the knackers yard just yet. This new PC is a thoroughbred racehorse though, in comparison to the doddery old nag.

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