First BBQ of the year

Big ol’ BBQ for for 12 kids and their parental support crew. It rained a bit. For a while, but the sun came out, the people turned up and the food was eaten. It’s turned into a tradition – having a bbq for Sophie’s birthday (her actual birthday is today).

I was going to write a blog about the amazing gig we went to last night, but, I got a bit carried away and hit town for a few after, so may hang five on that particular braindump.

Cracking weekend. Warmth – from sun and cooking coals. Outdoor reacquaintance of a temperature that’s a not hostile, agreeable climate. Indoor reacquaintance of a genius musician.

I’ll probably write more about Karl – he was so good, but for now, I’m pooped. I’ve been chef for the last 5 hours for 20 people. Lovey and yummy, non the less. Pogged and food smelling. N’night. Happy Sundays.

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