Gang Show Harrogate 2013

We’re just in from seeing Gang Show at The Royal Hall. The cast included our very own Sophie who joined scores of others from the Cubs, Beavers, Scouts, Rainbows, Brownie and Guide fraternities of Harrogate. The tradition of the Gang Show has been going since 1932 and the Harrogate show has achieved ‘red necker’ status, which means it meets the highest standards recognised by the Scout and Guide associations.  

Our Sophie’s main part was that of a joke telling jellyfish in an underwater themed scene. The overall production was quite a thing to behold – bravo to the direction as well as the performances. The lead male and female, both of which had remarkably good voice and delivery. Some comedy sketches, some solo performances, some duets and a pastiche of Greece, and a puppet show. A faux awards ceremony which has a really good performance of Skyfall. A genuinely good family show. I’d love to name check some of the stars, but unfortunately, Jaygo lost our programme.

It was fantastic to see The Kursaal aka The Royal Hall restored to her former glory. The people of Harrogate have invested around eight million pounds into the work over the last few years – resulting in a true jewel in Harrogate’s crown. Having done a stint there for a few months there as a stage tech, I know the building intimately – from the grid in the roof, to the spooky low rooms under the stalls. It was falling to bits – but now, every  square inch has been lovingly restored and tonight they’d pulled out all the stops showing her off to her full glory – I think I counted 10 different backdrop and tab configs.

One of the best bits of the whole night though – was that we won what was possibly the star prize in the raffle! Dinner for two and a bottle of wine at So Bar! So good!

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