Intense logistics, a run off dog and a me pic


Yesterday was funny. I “wrote” my daily blog (thus ensuring continuity of my DD365 project) using a method I’d has in mind as a back up reserve idea – see, it dawned on me that where I was going, the internet may not be an option. A hands free speech to text tool – powered by Google – enabled me to speak my blog out loud whilst the magical wizardry (or freelance Shakespeare monkeys – I can’t tell which) typed up my blog.

Yesterday was one of our semi-common weekend occurrences, where we had so much to do and nearly not quite enough day to do it in. Something akin to the precision of a military mobilisation was called for. Par for the course with a large family : Sophie had a matinee as well as evening shows to perform at The Royal Hall and as a family were invited to an old friends 40th BBQ.

What didn’t help matters was an overrunning matinee and a very cheeky Elsie dog who ran off just as we were finishing loading the car. Suffice to say, that portion of the day was on the advanced course of family logistics management.

We ended up at the BBQ at the best part of the day. Lovely friends, lovely beer (said friend had got a barrel of Rooster Rude Boy in) and lovely food. My initial reaction to the opportunity of staying over – an all nighter was quelled by my shandy pants nodding off and wanting my bed from about 11pm! Cadged a lift back to DDHQ circa 2 ish, stinking of wood smoke and feeling pleased to the max of the prospect of spending the rest of the night and morning in ones own bed – which is where we now repose – well me and all the girls. Boys still in their own beds, invasion probable.

The picture above is a self portrait of me which along with several other photos I got back from the developers yesterday morning (that I uploaded to my Flickr page) shot with my recently serviced LOMO LC-A film camera. In this day and age, one needs a profile pic for various things – like Facebook – so that’s the new me pic for a bit.

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