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It’s our last day of holiday today. Bit sad. I’ve taken a week of paternity and a week of holiday, dove tailed that into Easter and it’s given me a whole big chunk of time to hang out with my family – especially new baby Annie. It’s been lovely. Back to work on Wednesday. Traveling tomorrow. We’ve just been out for a really nice meal in Dublin at a funky bistro type of place called Whitefrier Grill. Cracking gastro fantastico in a laid back kind of atmosphere. Nice. Good food good wine good company. Fairly short blog – fairly non event day – apart from Eirene and the kids getting proper lost in Marlay Park (it is quite big) and Elsie (a dog) playining with some proper big dogs – a Ridgeback and a Greyhound cross. The year and a half ridgeback was as quick as Elsie (quite rare) but not as quick on the turn. Fun to watch Elsie out perform another dog. Just about to watch You’ve Been Framed and settle down for a chill night, then a day on the road (and open waves) tomorrow. Thanks Dublin. Even though we’ve not done any of the touristy stuff this time, it’s still been ace. Such a great city. Today it had the feel of Amsterdam (the part of town we were in), Yesterday it felt like part of Switzerland (on the Southern outskirts, near the mountains.) Such a varied city. Well worth a look. Good for the Craik.

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