Majestic morning and tree


Without sounding like some old hippy, I had a beautiful experience of nature this morning. I walked up the upper reaches of the ‘new’ Nidderdale Greenway or the ‘Harrogate – Killinghall – Ripley’ cycle path’ that I blogged about last week. Bathed in golden light and dawn chorus, just me and dog. We even saw a deer. She popped out in the path in front of us, we eyeballed each other for a few seconds before silently bounding off and disappearing as quickly as she appeared. Dog was very impressed. I was very impressed.

I decided to have another crack at doing an audioboo. I don’t know if I’m doing it right on that score yet. Here’s the boo..

The above photo was taken there, at roughly the same time frame, as was the photo below (including fabled Majestic tree)


Elsie dog was quite majestic as well this morning. Well, sort of. She did teach a very clean ‘toy’ dog all about mud and paddling in the river though. “I’d manage to keep him clean up until that point” said he. Oh, sorry, said I. Bovvered? said Elsie.


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    Failed miserably at the not sounding like an old Hippy!

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