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Lunchtime, first day back at work after a long stretch of time off the grid. In summary, it’s been a morning of work email reading.  It took us ages to get home yesterday – we dawdled quite a lot on the way home from Holyhead. We randomly stopped for sundown at Llanfairfechan. This is a town I’ve never been to before – quite off the beaten path – but a quaint little place that had a nice smile about it.

Further down the track, the M62 and M621 was closed near Leeds (grr), so by the time we got in, it was after 23:00hrs.

I’ve just been flicking through my camera of photos taken over the past couple of weeks and found the above. It’s the first time I’ve seen it (I’ve no idea who took it) but it made me smile. I’ve got a huge bunch of photos a video to sift through – I’ve been extremely trigger happy this past couple of weeks – I’ll have to set aside some time to sift through them and upload them (File management is the new rock n roll).

It’s quite good to be back on the grid proper though. I’ve been away from actual real computers for a couple of weeks now. Taking their place has been the Google Nexus 7 + a bluetooth keyboard, and an app called Media Importer – a field blogging solution I’m really happy with;  it’s passed it’s first adventure test with flying colours. Back desk side now though.. with all it’s trappings like lists and phones, tea and pens, colleagues and calendars. I’d got very used to having my Outlook notification set to ‘Automatic Replies (Out of Office) though. Time to crack on with an afternoon of stuff now.

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  1. Simon
    Simon at |

    I just got a Nexus 7, great little gizmo…not sure why my Mac bluetooth keyboard won’t work with it, other people say it’s possible.

  2. Simon
    Simon at |

    I really want a Nexus phone now I’ve seen the Android light! I was worried it wouldn’t play nicely with my mac, but no problems so far. Cheers for the app tip, will check it out…

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