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Hyunday Atoz gold blue

Eirene’s  Hyundai Atoz + failed her MOT last week. The cost of the repair outweighed the cost of the car, rendering it beyond economic repair. Eirene got to get a new car. Out of all the cars she could have had, she chose a slightly better, newer version of the old gold one. Off we trotted to Halifax on a rainy last Satuday afternoon, saw it and bought it. She’s called it Sky (her old car was called Nugget). We’ve not got round to scrapping the old one yet.

This new one has a radio that works in it and it smells of someone else’s dog. They are quite unique cars. The go for around a billion miles on one tank of fuel, they look like they’re proportioned liked a slightly large matchbox yet can hold 5 people and an extra ordinary amount of stuff. Very easy to drive and park – they don’t actually feel like a real car at all. The seating position is quite high of the ground – most cars you sort of drop down into, these have a kind of dining chair arrangement in them.

The picture above was snapped with my phone. I then pressed a few buttons and noticed that this colour inversion tool I’ve got on an app called Photo Editor reveals that when inverted, the cars are sort of the opposite of each other.  Sophie, by the way was looking at the moon at the time.

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  1. alsmyth
    alsmyth at |

    Sit up and beg blue cars are the in thing you know!

  2. ladybug113
    ladybug113 at |

    That’s a lovely picture. Welcome Sky and by heck did Nugget provide lengthy service!

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