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Writing a quick blog now as we’re off out later. Yep, we as an Eirene and I. The first time Eirene will be leaving Annie with someone since she was born nearly 1 month ago. Our night ahead sounds quite spesh – we’re off to an On’t Sofa (the guys who I hung out with and wrote about here)  showcase.

The venue – Jakes, in Harrogate. Under its previous management, the venue – ‘Milans’ as it was known then – dished up some fanatic evenings. The picture above is a snap I took at a Tigerbomb (now known as The Bird Man Rallies) gig there in Feb 2007.  The only problem was, a whacking great big hole in the top floor, which I’ve been told has now been boarded over. Architecturally perhaps not quite as interesting, but functionally, superior. (I’m much more into the function over form side of the Bauhaus balance.).  This evening though is billed as a kind of evening where everything is taken care of for you – drinks, food, music – all served to you on a platter, metaphorically speaking, apart from the food, which probably is served on an actual platter.

Some quality sounding songsmithery in store by the sound of things. I’ll probably write more tomorrow about it.

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