Wrong O’clock

I’m having an inverted siesta. I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I typed the last words on my last blog at 21:14, had about 4 hours then awoke when baby awoke.. Eirene and baba now back in sleepsville, I’m on the top rung f the conscious ladder.

I’ll probably read / write for a bit then feel tired enough to get some more zeds. Ooh.. Baba is stirring again.. No? Yes? No. Big trumps and back to sleepy noise. It’s funny having the baby in the room with us. Snuffly little gruntly sounds. The feed is taken care of by Eirene who luckily can always get straight back to Dreamton High Street, Sleepshire. Land of Nod. She can fall asleep in any situation at the drop of a hat. A skill I envy. When we were traveling she demonstrated that she could fall asleep in any mode of transport. I can’t.

There was a time when we hitched from Switzerland to Germany and the 6 hour ride was driven by a guy who pioneered and developed an ’emulator’ that looked after washing machine cycle timings. He liked talking about this. The first 30 minutes was genuinely interesting. The first hour – still quite interesting. By hour 6 though, my polite listening skills were pushed to the limits. Eirene didn’t have to cast a single quip and had slept the whole journey. I’d absorbed a fairly comprehensive history of washing machine process automation from one of the worlds leading figures on the subject by the time our journey ended though. Handy. Alas, I’ve forgotten most of it now.

There was another time I’d stayed awake in our carriage on a 32 hour train journey when it was going across a fairly dodgy at the time country. In the dead of night two guys opened the door to our compartment but I sat bolt upright and eyeballed them. The made their pseudo apology and left. I later found that a bunch of stuff had been stolen in between two night stops, and this poor guy up in first had been chloroformed and had hundreds of pounds / dollars and his passport stolen. I was quite glad for my struggle to sleep in transit then.

Sleep for me is generally something that happens, not generally something I choose to do. One of the reasons I do so much, as I know it’ll make me pass out at some point. Right, gonna read for a bit.

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